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Precious wood cases with light

Wood cases, handcrafted according to the antique technique of inlay.

Finished with a clear varnish that accentuates the woods natural figure.

On the picture you can observe the last world-wide innovation.
Boxes with light that illuminates and shows off your precious jewels and watches.

Customers appreciate them, because they can place them in the window as a display to valorise luxury articles.
This boxes are produces according to the wishes of customers.

Studied and handcrafted by Trigobox SA.

BM 900 and BM 901

130x130x75 mm (5x5x3 inches)


Elm Burl
    Item: BM 900-O (for watch)
Item: BM 901-O (for ring)


1     127.00
50     110.00
>500 offer offer offer
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    Item: BM 900-P (for watch)
Item: BM 901-P (for ring)


1      99.00
50     95.00
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    Item: BM 900-B (for watch)
Item: BM 901-B (for ring)


1      99.00
50     95.00
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Inside Colour : 
white, beige, blue, grey, red, black, green.

Inside Material :

suede, Leatherette or Lather

Instructions for Use

In the box, on the left side you find the battery (9 V) under a small cover with a button.
On the same side there is an interrupter. When the box is open, the lamp lights and
when the box is closed the lamp is switched off.

Caution: If you don't use the box for a long time, it is better to remove the battery.

In the middle of the box, there are two supports for the ring or one cushion for watch,
you can push them forward or backward if the light is not on the jewel.



You didnít find the item you want? Send us a sketch or write us what you need.
We shall send you quickly an offer by e-mail.
Do you want an other material or an other colour? It is also possible.



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