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Samples TB TS TR100 TR100-1 TR100-2 TR200 TR300 TR400 TR500 TR600

Samples of Jewelry and watch rolls

TB 220

30.- CHF

TB 225

28.- CHF

TB 207

28.- CHF

TB 216

28.- CHF

TR 017-01

23.- CHF

TS 108

40.- CHF

TS 102-07

28.- CHF

TS 116-05

32.- CHF

TS 202-07E

33.- CHF

TS 310-08

31.- CHF

TR 121

48.- CHF

TR 116-09

41.- CHF

TR 201

35.- CHF

TR 202-15E

49.- CHF

TR 310-16

47.- CHF

Colour outside

Suede normal or striped : beige, blue, burgundy, grey, red, black, green.
Leatherette : blue, grey, black, green.

Colour inside

Suede : beige, blue, burgundy, grey, red, black, green.
Leatherette : beige, white, black.


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